Enabling the future of sustainable digital infrastructure

We are working to meet the rising demand of the digital economy with a new generation of infrastructure. The SDIA strives to bring together companies, individuals and governments to advocate and realize key initiatives such as heat-reuse, smarter power consumption and efficient use of resources.

How we shape sustainable digital infrastructure:

The SDIA is an Inter-Industry Association that enables collaboration to realize our mission of sustainable, zero impact digital infrastructure that is accessible to the next-generation of innovators.

Developing Standards

Our members develop the standards that make the broad implementation of new technologies such as waste-heat recovery & smarter power consumption possible.

Enabling Collaboration

We facilitate research & educational programs to increase the adoption rate of new technologies and standards. We organize events to foster inter-industry collaboration amongst our members.

Creating Policy Frameworks

As an industry association, we develop policy recommendations that accelerate the adoption of measures for accessible, net-zero digital infrastructure.

Active collaboration across industries


Our Goals


Did you know?

Our members collaborate to develop standards and reference architectures for technology that reduces the environmental impact of digital infrastructure. The first milestone is to standardize the integration of waste-heat recovery for data centers into heating systems. The SDIA is the catalyst that will enable the close collaboration of Energy-, ICT-, Construction- and Real-Estate companies that is needed to deliver these standards.

Members of the SDIA

Industry leaders setting the future standards for sustainable digital infrastructure.

Who is the Alliance for?

  • Corporations from the Energy-, ICT-, Construction- & Real-Estate industries contribute to developing the standards & frameworks that shape sustainable infrastructure.
  • Startups & SMEs contribute new technologies, actively challenge the status-quo and participate in adapting the standards & frameworks to support our shared mission.
  • Governments & public bodies educate themselves about both the impact of digital infrastructure today and the opportunities of shaping the future of the infrastructure that powers the digital economy.
  • Research Organizations and Universities collaborate with the SDIA and it's members, performing research across our three focus areas: waste-heat integration, smarter power consumption & efficient use of resources.
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Meet the Advisors

Ensuring we always focussed on our mission of enabling the most sustainable digital infrastructure.

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