How to Participate in The Roadmap

The Roadmap of the Alliance is a commitment for organizations who are interested in contributing to the creation of a Sustainable Digital Economy.

Many organizations that have joined the Alliance and committed to the Roadmap, have already created new products, solutions, or business models that drive the transformation of digital infrastructure. However, often there are challenges or barriers to overcome for these more sustainable solutions to succeed - be it costs, market adoption, risks, or lack of visibility. Many times, the implementation of solutions would benefit significantly from inter-industry collaboration or pilot customers willing to take the opportunity of testing new sustainable technologies.

Joining the Alliance and thus committing to the Roadmap helps to address these challenges. A commitment to the Alliance means getting support from our growing community in return. The Alliance’s staff and national innovation labs, address business challenges and help to identify the business case for sustainability in your organization.

The Alliance represents a network of organizations that have committed to the Roadmap to realize our shared sustainability targets. Members collaborate and support each other within the activities of the Roadmap, driving success across steering groups, initiatives, and projects together with the Alliance's experienced team and industry partners.

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