Our Sponsors & Supporters

These organizations are leading the way in supporting & sponsoring our activities around creating a transparent and sustainable digital economy. They do not influence our roadmap and decision-making, however, they provide additional funding and resources to move the roadmap forward.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors of our Alliance lead select steering groups and facilitate the commercial implementation of sustainable solutions.

Our Supporters

Supporters participate in our steering groups and contribute to the advancement of our roadmap.

Our Partners

Together with our partners we shape the environment for a sustainable digital economy.

Emerging Innovators

Startups and Innovators bring their technologies and solutions to the roadmap, creating new approaches to overcome sustainability challenges across the digital sector.

Research Partners

With our research partners we advance the technologies required to realize our roadmap toward sustainable digital infrastructure.

Media & Event Partners

With our media and event partners, we promote our community, advocate for a sustainable digital economy, network with a broad range of stakeholders to facilitate the transition to sustainable digital infrastructure.

The SDIA Consultant Program

Join our network of Consultants to empower sustainable digital infrastructure solutions: implementing our Roadmap activities with companies to overcome the challenges that are collaboratively solved in our Steering Groups.