Lierde, Belgium

Ethernetics is a digital green company with 1 major mission: decarbonize the internet and offer a piece of the puzzle in making the internet greener! Operating more sustainably is one of the key challenges for Datacenters and the Telecommunications industry in the current decade.

With our Design For Environment approach, the Ethernetics Managed Smart PDU is the world’s most advanced, intelligent, programmable and sustainable PDU available in the industry to date.

Our software services offer power quality insights, reduce power costs by up to 30%, increase energy efficiencies by automation, identify idle servers and stranded capacity and sum to a lower carbon footprint.

Customers can check our services focused on cost reductions and location-based CO2 emissions reductions on personal dashboards.

Future software services based upon aggregated electricity consumption data can be easily implemented over time and over the air, reinforced by algorithms to decrease power consumption further, increase uptime or predict maintenance.


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