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Two SDIA Members engage in Pilot Combined-Heat-and-Compute (CHC) data center project in Sweden


Vattenfall and Cloud&Heat Technologies have partnered to build a 500 kW pilot data center, near Stockholm. The pilot is co-located with a local Biomass power plant and is designed based on the SDIA Combined-Heat-and-Compute concept.

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Digital Infrastructure keeps our economy going in times of the pandemic


A commentary by the SDIA - Just a few weeks ago the first companies in Europe started to close down due to cases of Coronavirus. Wherever possible employees now stay at home and work remotely. Not everybody can. Some have jobs that require physical presence. Others do not have systems and processes in place that allow working from home. For those who can it’s their responsibility to maintain operations and to keep the lights on to support our economy.

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Environmental Digital Agenda released by German Environmental Ministry


The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety released their comprehensive agenda to ensure the positive effect of digitalization on environment, climate and nature. It defines strategic standards and goals including more than 70 actions of which many are already under way. The 80-page document is the result of comprehensive workshops with more than 200 experts including also representatives of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V.. Unfortunately for now, it's only available in Germany. We hope this will change soon and until then this comment might give an impression of the content.

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Chairman Max Schulze will be holding keynote at Sustainable Places 2020


Teaser: As the 4th industrial revolution – digitalization – is accelerating, we face a once in a decade opportunity. For the first time we can decouple economic growth from resource consumption. The digital economy can be the first one that creates economic value without consuming exponentially more minerals, more energy, and other planetary resources. This keynote will introduce the various opportunities from heating districts and greenhouses with data centers, to using digital infrastructure as energy-flexibility systems and how the emerging European computing infrastructure will look like. We will demonstrate that the digital economy creates a viable & needed opportunity for sustainable digital infrastructure.

Short Bio: Max Schulze is a serial entrepreneur and investor in the digital technology sector. He has been an advocate for creating affordable & sustainable digital infrastructure for Europe to empower innovators that solve the world’s most complex challenges. As the Chairman of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. he has made it his mission to bring together companies across all sectors to realize his goal of net-positive digital infrastructure for Europe.

The event will take place in Aix-les-Baines from the 3rd to 5th of June 2020.

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Renewable Energy Hamburg highlights SDIA foundation in the city (German)


Die digitale Wirtschaft wächst schneller als je zuvor. Dabei wächst auch die damit verbundene digitale Infrastruktur, Rechenzentren und Glasfasernetze, immer weiter, nahezu unsichtbar für Anwender und Unternehmen. Dabei erzeugen europäische Rechenzentren heute genug Abwärme um den Wärmebedarf von Deutschland zu decken. Elektrischer Strom ist heute die wichtigste Zutat für das digitale Wirtschaftswachstum geworden. Die Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. (SDIA) setzt sich für die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Energie- und Digitalwirtschaft ein, um eine nachhaltige und klimaneutrale europäische digitale Infrastruktur zu realisieren. Gemeinsam mit ihren branchenübergreifenden Mitgliedern werden in den Bereichen Abwärmenutzung, Energie- und Auslastungseffizienz und Demand Response neue Implementierungen erarbeitet und hinsichtlich Wirtschaftlichkeit und Nachhaltigkeit erprobt. Die SDIA hat ihre Hamburger Büroräume in der Rothenbaumchaussee.

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SDIA attending panel discussion at Digitale Energiewelt Berlin


This year, on the 5th of December 2019, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. had the honor of participating at "Digitale Energiewelt" (Digital Energy World) for showcasing a different angle on the relationship between energy and digitalization.

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The Utility of the Future

The Utility of the Future

Both energy and digitalization are on everybody's minds today. Both play increasingly important roles in our daily lives, yet few realise how interdependent these industries truly are. Take your chance and learn about the future of digital infrastructure.

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