Building the Open Data Hub

An integral foundation of Open Data Hub (ODH) is the carbon footprint framework that the SDIA is currently developing, which measures power, and digital resource consumption directly. However, more information is required from the supply chain, for example, the embedded emissions from servers, the data center facility, as well as the carbon intensity of electricity consumption. Within the ODH these additional data sources are defined, collected, and provided transparently.

In this context, the ODH will further define a lifecycle-based scorecard for the supply chain — comprising data center facilities, servers, networks — against which organizations can report and benchmark. This is critical in the effort to standardize data availability across different infrastructures and ensure that software has access to the same consistent information across all underlying facilities and infrastructures.

Lastly, the ODH serves as a cross-industry transparency hub, enabling facilities and manufacturers to make their data available to customers and researchers in a trusted, independently verified manner.

Technically, the ODH is a large-scale database is powered by sustainable cloud infrastructure, providing APIs to store and retrieve data on digital infrastructure using a standardized, cross-industry data structure.

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Digital Carbon Footprint
Building the Open Data Hub
Building the Open Data Hub

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