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Excess Heat Utilization from Data Centers

Facilitating the mainstream integration of residual heat from data centers for energy reuse, provision of GHG emission-free heat, and reduction of energy costs for data centers.

Roadmap Activity:
Leaner Cooling System/Data Center Heat Utilization
Excess Heat Utilization from Data Centers
Excess Heat Utilization from Data Centers

Moderation of Excess Heat Utilization from Data Centers

Mohan Gandhi
Mohan Gandhi

Director of Research & Policy

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What's driving the move toward heat capture and reuse in data centers? Is it demand from customers and investors? Is it the fossil fuel prices? Is it the increase in rack densities? Or is legislation the foremost reason? Our Steering Group is considering how current air cooled data centers could be retrofitted in a cost effective and financially feasible manner.

From our last steering group meeting on November 25th 2021

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