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We created the SoftAWERE industry steering group to oversee and set the direction for the development of tools and labels for energy-efficient software applications. The majority of the work has been financed by the Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics with the project management done by the German Environmental Agency.

The objective of the the steering group is to align actors from software sector (i.e., the software development community, open-source community, as well as commercial software industry, etc.). The steering group includes discussions about the project's objectives, shares progress updates, and empowers participants to shape the project's outcomes and ensure the practical application of the solutions generated.

Roadmap Activity:
Energy-efficient chip & hardware design

Moderation of SoftAWERE

Max Schulze
Max Schulze


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As a participating organization, you ensure early access to the results, you can shape the development of the label, and gain recognition as an organization that is shaping sustainable software development.

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