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At the core of the SDIA are our joint research & working groups that tackle the topics that we and our members believe to be the most important towards creating both scalable & sustainable digital infrastructure. Become a member to contribute, set standards and contribute with your knowledge and technology.

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Data Center Heat Utilization

Providing heat where it's needed

Heat utilization from data centers has been a vision for quite some time in the IT and energy industry. With increased environmental pressure to reduce waste and improve efficiency, and with technological developments, data center heat utilization is fast becoming a reality. Indeed we regard data center heat utilization as a pre-requisite to sustainable digital infrastructure.

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Smarter Power Consumption

Supporting the energy system of the future

As large electricity consumers with highly automated processes, data centers are optimal subjects to implement measures for more intelligent power consumption. The IT industry can play a vital role to the overall reduction of carbon emission and energy consumption of the energy system.

Hardware Resource Efficiency

Doing more with less

The data center industry is growing rapidly. New facilities, hosting powerful servers are created everywhere as the demands of the digital economy expand. However, the actual utilization rate of servers is often as low as 14% in on-premise locations, and as low as 40% in Cloud data centers. Billions of Euros in hardware are therefore being underutilized. With IT workloads becoming increasingly shiftable, new approaches are becoming possible.

Combined Heat & Compute (CHC) Concept Paper

Our reference concept for a sustainable, integrated & scalable data center infrastructure where nothing is wasted.

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