The Roadmap Toward Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

Guided by Leitmotiv, we unite stakeholders across the digital landscape to execute our definitive Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure, aiming for a transformative impact by 2030.

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We drive digital infrastructure towards environmental sustainability. Our roadmap lays out clear, actionable steps for decarbonizing digital infrastructure, enabling a future where digital growth and ecological responsibility converge.


Trust is the foundation of our mission. We provide a transparent, independently verified plan that aligns stakeholders across the spectrum—civil society, governments, and the private sector—towards shared, measurable goals for reducing digital infrastructure's environmental impact.


Our approach is dynamic and evidence-based. Through continuous engagement with research, technology, and stakeholder feedback, we refine and update our roadmap, ensuring our strategies remain at the forefront of sustainability practices.

The Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030


The Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030

Our roadmap outlines the key priorities across digital infrastructure that need to be addressed to realize a sustainable digital economy. For each priority, we have identified the challenges and barriers that we are working to solve together with stakeholders. Our roadmap forms the foundation of industry, government, and civil society stakeholder collaboration toward sustainable digital infrastructure by 2030.

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Utility of the Future Report: Thinking energy & digital infrastructure together.


Utility of the Future Report: Thinking energy & digital infrastructure together.

We explore the pivotal role of integrating digital and energy infrastructures in creating a sustainable digital economy. The report delves into how data centers, as large consumers of energy, can play a crucial role in grid flexibility and sustainability. We showcase innovative solutions like heat recovery, flexibility & demand response in electricity markets, offering a blueprint for operational synergies that benefit both sectors.

Our vision is clear: to leverage these intersections, creating a more efficient, reliable, and renewable energy landscape. This pursuit not only aligns with our commitment to sustainability but also demonstrates the transformative power of collaboration across industries.

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Goals for a sustainable digital economy by 2030.

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