Enabling the future of sustainable digital infrastructure

We are working to meet the rising demand of the digital economy with a new generation of infrastructure. The SDIA strives to bring together companies, individuals and governments to advocate and realize key initiatives such as heat-reuse, smarter power consumption and efficient use of resources.

How the Alliance creates value for it's members and the industry:

The SDIA is the first alliance created as an authoritative source of industry leaders and information forging the way for sustainable digital infrastructure.


Our Alliance supports members and partners on their journey to build sustainable digital infrastructure. We develop concepts, standards and promote our combined goals for them to become reality.


We lay the foundation to connect & find partners within a fast growing network. The SDIA is a forum where our members shape the idea of sustainable digital infrastructure together.


Have access to research, reports and latest technology developments as well as conferences & events. Or inform other members on your latest finding and innovations.

Heat Integration & Recovery

Our members standardize & integrate the generated waste heat into the energy system. This does not only enable digital infrastructure The SDIA itself acts as an advocate and catalyst between the digital- & energy-industry as well as technology providers.

Our Goals

The SDIA follows a comprehensive approach to sustainable digital infrastructure with a strong focus on the actual data center facilities.

Did you know?

- Electrical energy consumed in a data center is fully converted into heat

- In most cases this heat is wasted by blowing it off into the atmosphere while other buildings around it often still use fossil fuels for heating.

- Data Centers in Germany alone could heat Hamburg - Germany's second largest city.

Members of the SDIA

Industry leaders setting the future standards for sustainable digital infrastructure.

Why join the Alliance?

  • If you are corporation looking to expand & build your business, the SDIA offers you a broad spectrum to expand your knowledge, exchange with peers and connect with players across the entire sector. Join us today.
  • As an SME or technology provider, you can benefit from the network as well as knowledge exchange as well. Bring your new & innovative technologies in front of the industry and support our working groups with your expertise. Enroll now.
  • If you are a government, city or municipality, reach out to us to learn how the SDIA can contribute to your transition to fossil-free heating and how to attract the digital economy.
  • Are you a research organization or university? Reach out to us and take part in our research projects on cutting-edge technologies to create energy-, resource- & cost-effective digital infrastructure.
  • Curious to learn more? You can find out all the details on the membership page or reach out to us.
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Meet the Advisors

Ensuring we always focussed on our mission of enabling the most sustainable digital infrastructure.

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Data Center Expert

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