The European Platform for the creation of a Sustainable Digital Economy.

As an indepedent alliance of all actors from across the Digital Sector, committed to create, publish and execute the Roadmap to a Sustainable Digital Economy by 2030.

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Environmentally positive

Has a positive impact on the environment and decouples growth & resource consumption.

Fair & accessible

Creates new economic opportunities for a global society, equally.

Fostering inclusive prosperity

It allows everyone to participate in the economic value it creates.

Our Core Beliefs

Our Position on Sustainable Digital Infrastructure

The SDIA have assessed Digital Infrastructure in Europe and derived a number of fundamental positions, beliefs and principles from which we derive our view on the future of Sustainable Digital Infrastructure. It’s our goal to ensure the development of a vibrant European digital economy, without consuming unsustainable levels of resources.  Our definition of Digital Infrastructure consists of Data Centers, Fiber & Telecommunication Networks, Power Generation, IT Hard- & Software.

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Goals for a Sustainable Digital Economy by 2030.

Everyone has access to Digital Power.

All nations, and entrepreneurs have access to the same low cost Digital Power, empowering the creation of new digital businesses globally. 

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The Alliance

Industry leaders committed to our Roadmap to a Sustainable Digital Economy by 2030.

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A European Platform that creates tangible benefits for its Members

Reach: A network of sustainability-minded actors from across value chain of Digital Infrastructure, strong brand and the leading authority on Digital Infrastructure in Europe.

Shape: Participate in working groups, shape what Sustainability means for your products & business and address key business challenges in realizing a Sustainability agenda for your industry.

Implement: Benefit from the execution power of our Innovation Labs, taking real-world challenges from our Working Groups and solving them through R&D, innovation and commercial pilots.

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Reaching the goals

The Roadmap to Sustainable Digital Infrastructure by 2030

To reach our Sustainability Goals by 2030 we need to systematically embed sustainability across the sector. This roadmap enables every industrial actor to connect, benchmark and deliver sustainability within their segment of Digital Infrastructure value chain. Through the universal reporting regimen, and the industry led action plan, the roadmap is simultaneously the reporting vehicle, and the collaboration vehicle that will ensure we hit sustainable digital infrastructure by 2030.

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Meet the Team

Committed to creating a Sustainable Digital Economy.

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Franziska Schuth


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Julie Chenadec

Head Of Communications

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Inky Vos

Communications Coordinator

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Max Schulze

Executive Chairman

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Mohan Gandhi

Head of Research & Policy

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Kimberly Jahnel

Assistant to the Board

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Mathias Kutzner

Member of the Board

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Lasse Schneppenheim

Head of Operations

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Dr.-Ing. Birger Ober

Member of the Board

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Simon Mundorf

Community Manager

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Harry Martin

Intern Research & Policy

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Michael Oghia

External Relations Coordinator

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Charles Thomas

Membership Advocate

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Milorad Milicic

Marketing Operations Manager

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Thorge Saß

Research Assistant

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Paul Mangles

Strategic Partnerships

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Jurg van Vliet

Head of Technology

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