About the Alliance: Our Vision

Emerging digital technology will shape the future in new and unimaginable ways - it’s the driving force behind the scientific-, industrial- and consumer-revolution. Digital technology is one of the keys to solving our most pressing problems, be it the distribution of resources, social mobility or climate change.

Today, the expansion of the digital economy already poses challenges for the environment. By the beginning of 2030, data centers are estimated to account for up to 13% of global electricity consumption. Inside data centers, home of the computers that power the digital economy, the inefficient use of equipment is creating unnecessary waste and costs. On a global average, eight out of ten servers are idling while still consuming energy.

Limiting the expansion of digital technology is not an option. We believe we need to adapt the underlying digital infrastructure, reducing its environmental impact to zero, making the massive growth sustainable while ensuring it remains open & accessible.

Max Schulze

Executive Chairman

Our Sponsors

Sponsors of our Alliance lead select steering groups and faciliate the commerical implementation of sustainable solutions.

Our Supporters

Supporters participate in our steering groups and contribute to the advancement of our roadmap.

Our Partners

Together with our partners we shape the environment for a sustainable digital economy.

Emerging Innovators

Startups and Innovators bring their technologies and solutions to the roadmap, creating new approaches to overcome sustainability challenges across the digital sector.

Research Partners

With our research partners we advance the technologies required to realize our roadmap toward sustainable digital infrastructure.

Media & Event Partners

With our media and event partners, we promote our community, advocate for a sustainable digital economy, network with a broad range of stakeholders to facilitate the transition to sustainable digital infrastructure.

Supporting Individuals

Our network of invididual supporters bring their knowledge and thought-leadership to the roadmap and facilitate the communication & adaption of our roadmap.

Neil Clark

Service Design Lead at Manifesto and Environmental Strategist at The Panoply


David Gyulnazaryan



Cosima Fröhner

Expert for Statistics and Data Science


Mark Butcher

Specialist in building business cases for sustainable IT service creation/transformation


Adrien Vercaempst

Expert in Circular and Green IT engagement


Benoit Petit

Monitoring climate footprint of digital services @ hubblo.org


Ciaran Flanagan

Sustainability, Policy , Energy Distribution , Critical Facilities


Our Advisory Board

Guiding us with their expertise and experience, we have selected some of the leading experts in the field of data centers, infrastructure & IT services to support us. We are proud they are part of our mission.

LinkedIn Profile

Joël Frijhoff

Expert for Responsible Sourcing at Ørsted

LinkedIn Profile

Sophia Flucker

Data Center Expert

LinkedIn Profile

Fabian Reetz

Founding Member and Advisor for Energy Transition, Digitalization & Blockchain

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Benjamin Mateev

Startup & Digital Expert

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John Laban

Open Source Decarbonisation Catalyst

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Kort-Hinrich Heumann

Data Center & Energy System Expert

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Wim Buters

Industry Specialist, Datacenters, Energy and Sustainability

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John Booth

Data Centre Energy Efficiency/Sustainability Consultant/Auditor

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Neil Clark

Service and Sustainability Lead at Manifesto

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Amanda Brock


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Trevor Hinkle

Founder, Lighthouse Studio

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Dan Scarbrough

Managing Director at RockScar

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Rafal Tomczyk

Founder and Investor

Our Team

Our board consists of the founding members as well as industry experts that help us ensure we fulfill our purpose - empowering members to lead the way in building the next generation of digital infrastructure in a sustainable and scalable way.

Max Schulze

Executive Chairman

With a background as a Software Engineer & Cloud Expert, he is bringing his experience from Startups and Corporates to the transformation of the Digital Economy, making it future-proof and sustainable. Throughout his career he has dedicated himself to the well being of planet and people and is committed to creating a positive future for the next generation.


Franziska Schuth

Vice Chairman

Energy Expert with professional experience in associations and future technologies.

Dr.-Ing. Birger Ober

Member of the Board

Driven by his need to heat, Birger has established himself as the go-to expert for waste-heat management for data centers.

Mathias Kutzner

Member of the Board

Mathias is passionate about unlocking individual potential. He was Co-Founder & CTO of several tech startups including Sponsorpay (now Fyber), HitFox, Dojo Madness and many others. This experience of organising, financing, building and scaling early stage start-ups makes him an invaluable member of the SDIA team.

Mohan Gandhi

Head of Research & Policy

Mohan leads the working groups in their attempts to solve major technical barriers to a truly sustainable digital infrastructure. He Authored the Report "The Utility of the Future: Where Digital and Electrical infrastructure combine".

Kimberly Jahnel

Assistant to the Board

Kimberly is an organizational talent, structured and dedicated to her work. After working for Engel & Völkers as relationship manager for 6 years she joins the SDIA as the Assistant to the Board. Kimberly is based in Berlin.

Julie Chenadec

Director of Community

With more than 6 years of experience in the Green IT sector, Julie brings an extraordinary set of skills and knowledge to the table. At the SDIA, she takes on the position as Head of Community and ensure a high-level quality, engaging and a growing community. Julie is based in Amsterdam.

Jurg van Vliet

Creative Director

As a senior cloud expert - he has 3 O'Reilly books under his belt - and CEO of two successful startups, he is bringing his expertise to  enable a Sustainable Digital Economy. Jurg is also responsible for creating many of the infrastructure projects that the SDIA is providing to its members and the wider community such as the Data Hub, our Sustainable Cloud test-bed, and others.

Simon Mundorf

Manager DACH Partnerships

Simon is passionate about community building, and he knows that to foster meaningful, sustainable change we need to build a wide-ranging inter-industry community. When he's not fostering relationships and building partnerships, you'll find him on the hockey pitch.

Thorge Saß

Research Assistant

Thorge is currently doing his MSc in Managment with a focus on Digital Transformation but has been an instrumental part of the SDIA from early on. As also being one of the best in his university program he serves the SDIA with enviable speed and quality in researching and structuring data. Thorge is based in Hamburg

Harry Martin

Intern Research & Policy

Harry joins the SDIA as an Intern in Research & Policy. With a BSc in Economics he has the skills to support the alliance in bringing sustainable digital infrastructure to the market. His professional engagement in the UK national hockey team and the olympic games is a prime example for his dedication. Harry is based in London.

Inky Vos

Community Coordinator

Inky has the right mindset and experience when it comes to uniting organisations, raising awareness and making an impact on sustainability. She completed a MSc on Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science at Lund University, and will apply her skills and knowledge as Communications Coordinator in the Communications Team. Inky is based in The Hague.

Milorad Milicic

Process Development, Growth & Analytics

Milorad joined the SDIA with one mission: to build the processes that empower our communication team. He has an incredible experience in managing data and automation so it is not surprising that Milo is our Growth Manager. He is based is Belgrade, Serbia.

Michael J. Oghia

Director of Communications & External Relations

There are few people as passionate and engaged in the creation of a sustainable digital economy and the Internet as Michael. A true “connector," he is engaging with like-minded nonprofits, media outlets, and research organizations, extending our network, building alliances, and bringing them along on the journey toward a sustainable digital infrastructure. He is responsible for leading our communications activities and external affairs. Michael is based in Belgrade, Serbia.

Julia Trzcińska

Senior Marketing Manager

Joining us from Warsaw to help us get our vision, our roadmap and the progress we are making with our community further into the world. With her broad experience from the social sciences as well as growth marketing, we are glad to have her onboard and continue to expand our reach and built our movement for sustainable digital economy.

Phillip Mewes

Junior Marketing Manager

Joining us from the harbor-city of Hamburg to help us further communicate our vision and roadmap to the digital ecosystem and beyond. Aside from that he is supporting our marketing team to explore new formats such as new regional Podcasts as well as bring our messages into the German-speaking market.

Flavia Paganelli

Head of Technology

Flavia is responsible for the software technology and team at the Alliance. With a background in Computer Science, Flavia has built software for over twenty years, co-founded two companies and co-authored three books on cloud infrastructure. At the Alliance she found the opportunity to join a team of passionate people and apply her experience to a good and necessary cause: making a sustainable and fair digital world, for us and future generations.

Daan Terpstra

Director of Policy & Regulatory Affairs

Daan is joining us from the Netherlands to direct our policy and regulatory affairs, and he will help drive the implementation of our Roadmap toward a sustainable digital economy. He brings extensive experience with politics and energy markets, among other things, from his time at Vattenfall and as an SDIA Advisory Board member.