Join a community of thinkers & doers who are working on measuring the environmental impact of the digital economy.

We are bringing together researchers, developers and sustainability experts to develop a Life Cycle Assessment for digital products and services.

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Local meet-ups

Thinking together is important, and it happens when we are in the same room together. That's why we organize local community meet-ups to share knowledge, think together, and collaborate.

Community platform

To stay in touch, we are hosting digital platforms as well - a Slack channel for direct interaction, a newsletter to spread knowledge in the community and a knowledge base as a database of what we know (and what we don't know).

International Conference

The digital economy is global, and so is the challenge of measuring its environmental footprint. Solving this challenge needs collaboration across borders. To do this, we are hosting a bi-annual conference to bring together everyone - to share knowledge, get to know each other, and find new collaborations.

Wondering what happened so far? You can check out the resources below.

There is a lot going on in the community today. We are working on a set of shared test beds on which we can measure the environmental impact of software, you can find more on the architecture on GitHub below. At the same time, we are working on applying the LCA methodology to a digital product (actually a website for now). It's all public, free and open source as you can see below.

A few weeks back, we met for the first time in person with 40 attendees, and we hosted an open virtual meeting in which we shared our current knowledge on how to approach the challenges when measuring the environmental impact.

Knowledge Hub

Within our Knowledge Hub, we document what we are learning, our thinking, and new knowledge. You can get started by looking at our LCA method review, the taxonomy we developed to simplify the value chain of a digital product, or get an overview on measuring the environmental impact.

Git Repository

On GitHub we are sharing specifications for our environmental data agent, a system we are developing to collect the information required to calculate the environmental impact of a digital product. We are testing this approach as part of a project with the German Environmental Protection Agency, measuring the impact of open source libraries.

First Meeting in Amsterdam

We met for the first time with our community in Amsterdam to share our views on the responsibilities in the relation to the environmental impact created by a digital product. Together with some of our community members, we had two engaging panels to discuss our findings so far and debate together. It was fun!

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