Green Software Position Paper: Transparency, Standards, Market-Making

Position Paper

Green Software Position Paper: Transparency, Standards, Market-Making

This comprehensive Position Paper from the SDIA Green Coding Summit provides a detailed exploration of the environmental impact of software development. It identifies key challenges such as lack of visibility into software's environmental costs, the need for standardized definitions and measurements, and the limited market for Green Software.

The paper defines "Green Software" and elaborates on the disciplines required for its development, including Green Coding, Green Requirements Engineering, and Green Operations. It also discusses the importance of distinguishing environmental impact from carbon emissions, and outlines strategies for raising awareness, setting standards, and increasing demand for Green Software.

Additionally, it presents political demands to support sustainable software practices, making it a must-read for industry professionals, policymakers, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and sustainability. Download the full PDF to explore how the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance is leading the charge in creating a more sustainable digital future.

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