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Research Paper

Retrofitting of an air-cooled data center for energy efficiency

Small-scale data centers suffering from low cooling efficiency consume an intense power for reliable operation of IT equipment. In this study, thermal distribution in an air-cooled data center is simulated using an open source Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model to examine the underlying mechanism that reduces thermal and cooling efficiencies. The numerical model is validated with the temperature measurements conducted in the data center.



Building a Sustainable, Federated European Cloud: A Vision for Europe

This document outlines the vision for a sustainable and accessible European cloud; one that will be open-source, fair, and create economic opportunities for all. Despite existing challenges, it is possible and  may soon become a reality. Such digital infrastructure will reflect European values and provide a blueprint that others around the world can draw inspiration from to further develop their own digital economies.



The Utility of the Future Report

Both energy and digitalization are on everybody's minds today. Both play increasingly important roles in our daily lives, yet few realise how interdependent these industries truly are. Digitalization promises to re-align our economy around data and computation, but the digital economy of tomorrow will be built on the shoulders of today’s electrical infrastructure. Fewer still can see the tremendous industrial and societal opportunities when two fundamental requirements of the digital age integrate.


Position Paper

High potential of CO2-free commercial waste heat from data centers (German paper)

In a joint statement of the SDIA with the Energieeffizienzverband für Wärme, Kälte und KWK e. V. (Energy Efficiency Association for Heating, Cooling and CHP - AGFW) and Bitkom e. V. we express the urgent need to adjust the definition of waste heat in the upcoming changes to the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) in Germany in order to support the use of waste heat from data centers as a climate-neutral and sustainable energy source.